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3 Reasons To Promote Your Music Via Social Media

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If you are a musician, you might have dreams of making it big. However, breaking out into the music industry can be tough. Luckily, you do have an option -- promoting your music yourself on social media, from your personal profiles on mainstream social media sites to social media websites that are designed just for sharing music. These are a few reasons to give this type of promotion a try. 

1. Be in Charge of Your Own Career

Even though you might dream of finding an agent and a record label, the good thing about promoting your music on social media is that it allows you to be in charge of your own career. You don't have to worry about anyone telling you what you can and can't produce or release to the public, and you don't have to worry about anyone trying to get in the way of your own personal sound. You can still work with a music publishing company (such as Lyric House Publishing), but you will have more control if you handle a lot of your own promotion.

2. Get Started with Minimal Cost

Some people spend a ton of money trying to promote their music, from traveling to different small-town gigs to making their own CDs. This can be tough when you are a struggling artist, but promoting music on social media is a great way to save money while still getting your music out there.

3. Expand Your Reach

Even though passing out your CDs to people in your area can help you raise awareness in your local community, it's going to be hard for you to expand your reach in this type of way. If you want to be able to share your music with people from all over your state, all over the country and even all over the world, getting online and using social media is a great way to do so. You might be surprised by the sensation that you could become just from social media alone.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider promoting your music via social media. If you have recorded tracks already, you can even get started with doing so today by sharing your music on your personal profiles on the major social networking sites. In no time, you're sure to have lots of people listening to your music, even without actually signing with a professional record label.