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Ask To Do These Things When Shopping At A Guitar Store

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When you're a guitar player, there are few things better than saving up your money and visiting a guitar store with the plan to purchase an instrument that jumps out at you. Unless you've been through this process a number of times or have had good advice from fellow players, however, you might be under the assumption that there's little more involved than selecting an instrument off the wall, possibly plugging it into an amplifier, and then buying it. With some simple tips, you can make the purchasing process even more enjoyable and dramatically increase the odds of getting the instrument you truly want. Here are some things to ask for.

Ask To Have The Instrument Set Up

Not every guitar hanging on the wall of your local guitar store has been set up properly, but making this request to an employee can help to increase the playability of the instruments you're considering. For example, if the action is low to the point that fret buzz is a hindrance, you won't be able to get a true representation of how the guitar actually sounds and feels. Most guitar stores have on-site technicians who can take a bit of time to adjust a guitar's truss rod and bridge, which will make it more enjoyable to play in the store — and make it easier to tell if this is the right instrument for you.

Ask To Use A Private Room

Many newer guitar players are resistant to playing in the main area of the store, which means that it can be difficult to get a feel for a given instrument. You don't need to settle for simply selecting a guitar and trying it quietly and then buying it. Instead, ask an employee for use of a private room. Many guitar stores have this feature, and the employee can get you set up in the space with a couple guitars, a stool, and even an amplifier. When the door is shut, you'll be able to let loose and really test out the instrument.

Ask If You Can Rent A Similar Instrument

If you like the instrument but aren't 100 percent sure that you want to buy it, ask an employee if you can rent a similar guitar. Many guitar stores have rental departments, which will give you the option of renting the same brand and model of guitar that you're considering. Doing so will allow you to try it out for a few days at home as you make up your mind. At the end of the rental period, you can return the guitar to the shop and buy a new model — or decide to shop for something else.

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