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3 Factors That Make Your Piano Age

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When you have a piano, you need to make sure you are taking proper care of it. Your piano requires you to get it tuned on a regular basis, and it also requires you to understand the factors that can age your piano. Understanding these factors will help you protect against them.

Factor #1: Humidity

One of the worst things for your piano is humidity. Humidity is really damaging to anything that is made from wood. When the air is humid, your piano will sound sharper, and when the air dries out, your piano will sound flatter. Overtime, this process of moisture impacting the sound of your piano is going to cause your piano to get out of tune. When the humidity is too high, it can even cause the strings inside of your piano to rust.

That is why you should place your piano in a room where you can control the humidity. You can use a dehumidifier to control the humidity in the room. Try to keep the humidity at the same consistent level through the year in order to best protect your piano from humidity damage.

Factor #2: Sunshine

Sunshine may seem nice, but it can be really damaging to your piano. Ultraviolet rays that cause things such as carpet and couches to fade, can also impact your piano. Over time, ultraviolet rays can cause the paint on your piano to fade. Prolonged exposure to extensive sunlight can cause the wood to crack. Lots of heat can also cause the wood to expand, which can negatively impact the tuning of your piano.

It is best to keep your piano out of the direct sunlight. Try to place your piano somewhere in the home where it is not going to be exposed to direct sunlight all the time. If your piano is located somewhere where it gets a lot of exposure to direct sunlight, try to mitigate the exposure by putting up blinds or curtains and use a piano cover to protect it when the curtains and blinds are open.

Factor #3: Improper Moving

The third thing that can really age a piano is improper moving. Pianos are large pieces of equipment, that are also very delicate. When you move a piano, even if you are just moving the piano to a different room in your home, it is always best to use a professional moving service. A professional moving service can help ensure that your piano is moved safely and doesn't suffer any damage during the moving process.

Protect your piano against humidity, sunshine, improper moving, and be sure to get your piano tuned regularly, to keep it in good shape.

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