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Photo Booth Rental Options for a Reunion

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Hosting a family and friend celebratory reunion may prompt you to seek ways to preserve the memories. A photo booth rental will provide a viable way to capture the images of those who attend the event. Choose a photo booth type and a series of services that will coordinate with the party plans.

An Enclosed or Open Booth

An enclosed booth offers privacy from all sides of a booth and will supply enough room for two or three people to comfortably sit or stand while pictures are being taken. This type of booth will block out excess noise and outside visuals, allowing those who utilize the booth to concentrate on posing for a series of photos.

An open booth rental may consist of an enclosure that features a full front and back and open sides. This type of booth is spacious and airy and will support group photos that consist of a dozen or more people sitting or standing together. An open booth will not muffle the sound of music or deter booth occupants from seeing what is occurring outside of the booth. With either type of booth rental, a backdrop may be included. 

Props, Placement, and Guidance

Some rental companies advertise booths that include props. Props can be used to support the theme of the event. Signs, hats, inanimate character boards, and three-dimensional accessories can be used to enhance photographs. An outfitter who takes rental reservations will inquire about the desired placement of the rental.

A booth that contains a canopy or a hard top can be placed outdoors. An open booth that lacks adequate coverage will need to be set up indoors or underneath a temporary structure that is designed to protect from precipitation.

If music is going to be played during the event, guests may be more inclined to relax and enjoy their photo session if a booth is set up next to where the band or stereo speakers are located. A radio or an independent stereo system that is not part of the main event can also be set up nearby a booth if specific song selections are going to be played while a group is partaking in a photo session.

If a rental that includes an attendant is selected, this person will aid with moving groups of people into the booth and will inform each participant about the number of photos that they will receive with their session. This includes information about the quality of the photos and fees associated with purchasing additional prints.