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Choose a Band for Your Reception

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Music typically plays a large role in how well the bride, groom, and their guests enjoy a reception. Consider what type of musical performance you and your future spouse prefer, and research local wedding bands and the services that they provide.

The Band Type

A band may rely solely on their instrumental abilities or may offer a mix of instrumental music and vocals. A specific music genre or a diverse group of music styles may be implemented when a band performs live. Research several different types of bands that play in your area and the music that they will be able to provide for you.

To acquire a firsthand experience of how a band sounds, you can purchase tickets for live performances that feature some bands that you are interested in hiring. During a live performance, you will be able to determine how much interaction is conducted between band members and their audience. Observe the lighting that is used during these events too, and the manner in which instruments are set up on a stage. After you have experienced some live performances, you can contact the manager of each band that you are seriously thinking about hiring. Schedule a time to meet in person to discuss the cost of hiring the band.

The Set List

During a meeting with each manager, inquire about the song selections that a band offers. Choose several options that you are familiar with and that you would like to be played during the reception. Bands that perform regularly at wedding receptions may even use a series of songs that coordinate with dining and dancing. Request an audio sample of the music that may be played throughout a meal or during a group dancing activity.

The Band Rider

The band rider is a set of requirements that a performer will outline in their contract. The rider may specify the number of songs that will be played throughout a reception, the number of breaks that are preferred, and any special requests the members of the band may have.

For instance, the band that you hire may require breaks at set intervals. They may prefer to be accommodated with water or food, or they may have sound and lighting requirements. If band members need to travel a considerable distance to reach a reception venue, they may require that their transportation costs are also covered. When you decide to hire a band, a contract will be drawn up. Information about any services that will be rendered, the cost that you will incur, and any special requests will be outlined in the contract.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a wedding band in your area.