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Which Method Of Piano Lessons Is Best For You?

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If you or your child want to learn to play the piano, there are several different methods through which you could take lessons. While there are many different ideologies and techniques that you can learn, technology has made it possible to get lessons through several different methods. For example, you can now learn through an app on a smart device, take online classes, or you could learn through in-person lessons with a teacher. If you are wondering which method will work best for you, here are a few pros and cons of each. 

Piano Lesson Apps

There are several apps that can be purchased these days that allow you to learn the piano from any device you own. Many people have found great success through such apps, and it could work well for you too!


Many piano apps allow you to learn songs that you are already familiar with, which can make practicing more fun. You can learn popular songs that you know inside and out. Additionally, you can use your app at any time of the day or night, regardless of your work or school schedule. 


Some of these apps require a monthly payment, which can really add up over time. While they are extremely easy to sign up for, canceling your membership may be a challenge for some. 

Online Lessons

It is possible to take personal lessons from an actual teacher without ever going to their home in person. If you have a piano in your home and a nice camera and microphone on your computer, you can take lessons from a specific teacher and receive real-time feedback. 


Many people enjoy being able to work with a teacher outside of their immediate area, which is completely possible over virtual lessons. Many people are more likely to stick with lessons longer if they are accountable to an actual person. 


Technical difficulties can sometimes be hard to overcome when you are relying wholly on virtual lessons. Also, some people prefer the personal touch of going to an instructor's home and learning directly from them. 

In-Person Lessons

Going to the home of an instructor or having a teacher come to your home is the most personal way to learn to play the piano. While potentially expensive depending on your personal teacher's rates, people have been going to in-person lessons for many years. 


In-person lessons are the most personal and individual way to learn piano. Your teacher can work with your specific challenges to make sure that you have everything you need to be successful. 


Each teacher's rates will vary depending don't their experience, which could leave you paying a pretty penny for each lesson. 

Consider each of these pros and cons to find the best way to learn the piano. Contact a piano lessons teacher near you to learn more.