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The New Radio: Music Streaming

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Music radio streaming is the best way to listen to music nowadays. You get to access high-quality music fast, cheap, and conveniently. Many music streaming services have added features that make the experience fun and help you discover new music that you'd likely enjoy.


With regular radio, playlists came in the form of self-recorded mixtapes. The process involved listening to a radio station until the song you were waiting for came on and recording the sound with a cheap tape recorder. The final result would often be less than desirable, with unwanted background noises present.

Radio streaming companies today allow you to create custom playlists quickly and easily. Once created, you can listen to hours on end of your favorite songs without ever having to skip a track. You can listen to them anywhere you can access your phone or any other smart device. 


Music radio streaming companies often have stations for you to listen to, similar to traditional radio. You can learn which stations play music genres that you enjoy and save them to your favorites for easy access in the future. Sometimes the randomness of a radio station is better than listening to a themed playlist.

One thing that differentiates streaming radio from traditional radio is that it can broadcast adult content and explicit music. If you enjoy listening to uncut versions of songs, this can be a huge benefit. If you prefer clean music, you can put filters on to only play radio-friendly versions of songs. 

Specific Artists

If you're looking for music from a specific artist, you'll likely find it on a music streaming service. It's easy to search for particular artists and get access to their entire catalog of music. You can often browse an artist's music by albums, singles, biggest hits, etc. 

When your favorite artist puts out a new album, it will usually go live on music streaming services right away. That means you can listen to it immediately without having to purchase a download or a physical copy. If you buy a lot of albums, this can save you quite a bit of money. 

Great Quality

People look back fondly at the times when radios were popular, often forgetting their iffy quality. Radio signals were rough at times. Having the audio cut out was so typical that it felt like part of the experience. Radio streaming services offer much better audio quality than traditional radio.