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Questions To Ask A Music Instructor During Your First Conversation

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Learning how to play a musical instrument is a major undertaking. You will have to practice every day and will need to find a music instructor who is able to provide you with lessons that will help you progress as a musician. 

Ask About the Type of Music Taught

When you are hiring a music instructor, you will want to make sure that your instructor has experience with the type of music that you would like to perform. You will want to ask about the type of music that the instructor teaches and the type of music you will be listening to as an example of what to play.

There might be songs or scores that you are partial to, and you might hope that you will learn how to play them. Even if a music instructor knows how to play the type of instrument that you would like to learn, this doesn't mean that the instructor knows how to play the style of music you're interested in.

Find Out If There Are Solo or Group Lessons

Consider whether you are looking for solo lessons or if you would like group lessons. Some music instructors provide one type of lesson and others provide the other type. If you have solo lessons, you may be able to learn more quickly because you will be given more hands-on instruction. An important part of a music class is that you will need to be allowed to go at your own pace.

Ask About the Events

Find out what type of events a student is allowed to participate in. For example, find out if the music instructor will have you participate in studio recitals, whether there are any festivals, or whether you can participate in competitions.

Inquire About the Technology Used

You will want to find out what technologies are used by the music instructor. These can include computers and musical instruction software. You will be able to learn more quickly with the right tools at hand.

Ask About What Is Expected of You

Make sure to ask what is expected of you as a student and how often you will be expected to practice. While asking these questions, you will not only find out what your music lessons will be like but you will also find out whether you get along with the music instructor and whether you will have a good time during your classes. You can listen to the instructor's responses and determine if they resonate with you.

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