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Transform Your Wedding Vows Into A Country Song

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Do you know what makes a great anniversary present? A present that recreates nostalgia and involves something that you both love as a couple. If that something that you both love happens to be country music, you could give it as an anniversary present to your spouse. Give the gift of an original country music song to your spouse. A gift like this is surprisingly easy to pull off, especially if you two wrote your own wedding vows for the ceremony.

Making It Happen 

The first thing is to find a songwriter. If you're not a musician or a poet, don't worry. Here are three ways that you can find a songwriter:

  1. Local Music Scene—The bars and clubs in your area are probably brimming with singer-songwriters who are eager to work with you on an original composition, especially if there is money involved
  2. Online Musician Sites—These websites allow freelance professionals to advertise their services. If you perform a search for songwriters, you will get a list of songwriters who can help you. Make sure that you read the reviews and understand their rates.
  3. Google Search—Depending on your location, performing a good search for songwriters may or may not be fruitful. 

The important thing is that you find a songwriter who is willing to create something new and original with you. Namely, you want them to help you with turning your wedding vows into something musical and poetic.

Obviously, this gift of a song will require both planning and experimentation with your songwriter. It will take time. So, make sure to give yourself at least a few months in advance, before your anniversary, to complete the song.


Once you have the song, you need to decide how you will present it to your spouse. You can get really creative and romantic with the presentation, especially if you have plenty of time to plan. You could present the song in a gift-wrapped box. All you need to do is have the written composition (lyrics, melody, and chord symbols) framed, and voila! You could also take your spouse to a live performance of your song. The options are endless on how you can make the presentation a special occasion for your spouse. A song is a great anniversary present!

Contact a local romantic country music songwriter to collaborate and learn how they can help you create a one-of-a-kind present for your spouse.