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Three Popular Referee Whistle Materials

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There are lots of different factors to think about when you shop for a whistle to use in your role as a sports referee. One decision that you'll have to make is the material from which you want your whistle to be made. You might not realize it until you begin to shop, but these whistles are available in several different materials. Each offers a different look and benefits, which are useful to evaluate as you shop. Here are three popular referee whistle materials that you can expect to find when you visit an online retailer that specializes in whistles.


Many referee whistles are plastic, and lots of sports officials favor this material. Plastic whistles come in many different colors, so whether you want a muted look such as black or something brighter such as a fluorescent color, you'll be able to find it. Some people favor using a plastic whistle because it's very light in weight to wear around the neck. This material also helps this type of whistle to be highly affordable. Plastic won't feel as cold on your lips as some other materials, which can be ideal if you're working in a cold hockey arena or outdoors on a chilly day.


You can also expect to find a large number of referee whistles that have a chrome finish. The base material under the chrome can vary, but the chrome will offer a shiny, classic look. Some people favor this material because of its durability. If you were to drop a chrome whistle on a hard floor, such as a basketball or volleyball court, it would almost certainly avoid damage. The same might not be true with a material such as plastic, which could theoretically chip. A lot of referees have historically carried chrome whistles, so you may feel that this material offers the right look for you.


If you like the idea of having a referee whistle that has a slightly different appearance than the conventional options of plastic and chrome, you may wish to buy a brass whistle. Many of these products exist, and while they share many of the functional benefits of chrome whistles, their appearance is noticeably different. When highly polished, which you can do before big games, the brass will have a very shiny appearance that you may enjoy. Shop for a referee whistle in one of these materials at an online retailer that sells whistles such as Acme Thunderer referee whistles.